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Faith in Maharaji

Why do premies have faith in Maharaji when everything around him is so screwy? In particular, the organisation(s) supporting Maharaji seem crippled and dysfunctional, and unable to manage anything efficiently, so why does he allow them to be staffed by seeming incompetents? The answer, of course, is that he keeps interfering; but to a premie, Maharaji can do no wrong, so the chaos must be the fault of the people around him.

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If you believe that Maharaji is the Perfect Master of our time, then this is the only sane attitude you can take - that everyone around him are insincere or stupid or both, and that he allows it all to happen for some unfathomable reason which is nevertheless for our (ie the believing premies) ultimate welfare. When I was hanging on as a premie in the late 90's, this was my attitude too. I had seen that most beliefs I had about Maharaji, and my practice of Knowledge, were all false and going nowhere. And so to support the biggest belief of all - that Maharaji is the Perfect Master - I rationalized that it must be completely beyond any human understanding, and he allowed all the craziness to happen for some inscrutable reason, and if only I kept my faith intact then in the end I would win through and obtain the ultimate, enlightment, realise Knowledge, whatever.

It is as if all the pillars of your faith are knocked away except one - faith in Maharaji as the Lord - and this one pillar seems so strong that it alone is enough and will support and explain everything else.

But all it takes is to even admit the possibility that Maharaji is not the Lord, and then the absurdity of it all becomes obvious, you see that your remaining pillar of faith is not the tower of strength you thought, but an insubstantial mirage, and poof - it all comes tumbling down around you!

Note that you do not need to come to a definite conclusion whether Maharaji is the Lord or not; only to allow the possibility that he is not! Maharaji is right to criticize the 'doubtmaker' (as he calls it; in other words our thinking mind) so much, since once a premie allows even the smallest doubt to enter their mind that Maharaji is worthy to be on that pedestal we create for him up in the skies, then as surely as day follows night they will stop being a premie - the logical and emotional inconsistencies in being a premie will bring the whole edifice down if even the tiniest crack is allowed to appear!

And then you start reading the ex-premie forums and become an ex! At least, that is what happened to me.

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