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Why Knowledge Does not Work

I was asked: If after 30 years of diligently practising Knowledge you realised it didn't work and now you have left all that behind, has there now been a type of awakening that couldn't have occured before?

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I believe the Knowledge techniques in themselves do not lead anywhere significant. They allow you to focus your mind a little bit, which can be good; and to quieten you a little bit, which can also be good. However, there are probably literally millions of meditation techniques which do the same.

The point of getting Knowledge, and becoming a premie, was not just to practise these four techniques; but to practise them believing that Maharaji's grace would take you somewhere significant. That is what a premie believes makes him or her special - not that they now have a set of mediocre techniques, but that they have a meditation practice which will allow Maharaji's grace into their lives.

And that is not a function of the techniques themselves, but a function of the fact that the techniques were learnt from Maharaji himself or one of his accredited representatives. Many times Maharaji made clear that if you learnt the techniques outside the system he had set up, then they would do no good. Why is that? Because it was all about grace - the techniques were and are a pipe-line for the grace, and nothing more.

Since there was and is no grace to flow down this pipe-line of the Knowledge techniques, then the deepest awakening that is possible practising Knowledge is to awaken to the fact that it is a waste of time.

And more than that, you are desperately searching for a deep experience, possibly even the realisation of Knowledge itself, because your belief system tells you that is why you are doing it. You are looking for something other than yourself - your 'heart' as opposed to your 'mind'. Even though your 'heart' is supposed to be the real you, it is really a construct of Maharaji's that he has sold you, and that is the real illusion.

It is rather like you are looking at a landscape, and Maharaji is saying: Can you see that blue tree over there? And you are saying: No, where is it? And he says: Over there on the left, it is hard to see, you have to really concentrate. And you strain to see it, and then you think you might be trying too hard, so you relax to see it, and then you go to sleep, so you wake up guiltily and start focusing again, etc. The fact is there is no blue tree, so not only are you wasting your time trying to see it, but you are missing all the beautiful trees that do actually exist, simply because they are not the blue trees Maharaji says I should be looking at.

So to answer your original question, the type of awakening that is possible now, is to be able to awaken to what actually exists, both inside and outside myself. And the reason that could not have occured before, is that by practising Knowledge I was systematically and deliberately ignoring what exists in order to experience something that does not exist.

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