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Maharaji: An Introduction

Maharaji (Prem Rawat) was born in India in 1957, the fourth son of the 'satguru' (true guru, there being only one in the world at a time), who had a large following in northern India. His father died in 1966, and Maharaji at the age of 8 became the new satguru and took over his father's following.

In 1969 one of Maharaji's chief followers, a Mahatma, came to England and started teaching people Maharaji's meditation techniques (called the 'Knowledge'), including myself, and so a following started in England.

In 1971 Maharaji himself arrived in England at the age of 13, then went to USA, and from then until now has been living in the West spreading his message.

Someone who has Maharaji's Knowledge (the meditation) is called a 'premie'. From a premie's point of view, Maharaji's Knowledge is the way to inner peace, to find your 'heart', with Maharaji as the master of the meditation - teaching it in the first place, and from then on providing the inspiration and grace for the premie to progress.

For most other people, including ex-premies (like myself), Maharaji is the head of a cult, who teaches platitudes and fluff, and lives off the gullibility and credulity of his followers.

One thing is undeniable - Maharaji is now very wealthy indeed. Apologists claim that his followers support him for giving them such a wonderful gift, and they are only providing him with the comfortable life-style that he deserves. Detractors say that he has milked his followers through manipulation, though opinion differs on whether he is an actual con-artist, deliberately deceiving people, or whether he himself believes that he is indeed the satguru of this age and that he is as deluded as his followers (my own belief is the latter).

Throughout his 30+ years in the West, he has constantly re-invented himself to the public - for instance, he is currently an 'inspirational speaker' - but to the serious premie he is still the satguru, true guru or Lord, by whose grace alone will the steadfast and devoted premie reach the ultimate.


'...provides an information source for the media and those interested in the character and history of Prem Rawat and the organizations that support and promote him.'

'...the most comprehensive information resource on the internet covering Prem Rawat and his work. The primary purpose of this website is to provide information to current and prospective followers of Prem Rawat, that is not made available on Prem Rawat's official sites.'

'...a site that seeks to provide an incisive critique of the current promotional activities pursued by Prem Rawat and his various organisations, such as The Prem Rawat Foundation and Elan Vital.'

The Gallery
'... some of the historical scans of Divine Light Mission / Elan Vital that Prem Rawat no longer wishes the public to see.'

Life and Career of Prem Rawat
A detailed website with a wealth of resources and original material

The Prem Rawat Talk Forum
'... for anyone with a genuine interest to discuss and read about Prem Rawat, also known as Maharaji.'

A selection of some video and audio of Maharaji

Prem Rawat's House of Maharaji Drek
Has some quirky trivia relating to Maharaji.

Prem Rawat Exposed
A personal take on Maharaji from a former premie.

Note that most of these sites have extensive links to other sites on the internet about Maharaji, both for and against. Note also that in the past some fanatical premies have put the ex-premie web site out of action illegally; if this is the case again, and the 'ex-premie.org' link does not work, try these mirror sites: EPO2 or EPO3.


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