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Here are some photos of Maharaji and myself. (Photos are large, so this page takes a little while to load if you are on a modem).

This is June 1971, just a few days after Maharaji arrived in the West for the first time. We rented a house for him in Lincoln Street, near Sloane Square in London - an expensive and exclusive area - and we could not afford the rent for very long, and he had to move to a small ashram in North London (Alba Gardens). I am behind Maharaji (beard and dressed in white). Glen Whittaker is on the right, and Mahatma Saphlanand is behind him. I remember it well - I had just persuaded the traffic warden not to give us a parking ticket.

This is July 1971, Guru Puja in Dale Street, Leicester, England. Mahatma Gurucharnanand (now called Charnanand) is the shaven-headed guy in the front; Bihari Singh is behind him. Most people are looking at the camera, but I am in the top right looking with devotion at my Lord and Master.

When Maharaji returned to England from the US in September 1971, we rented a house for him called Golden Manor, in Hanwell near Ealing, London. I am climbing into the car. On this particular day, Maharaji was in a hurry to go somewhere, and I had to get dressed fast, and I had my tie in my hand. Mahatma Ashokanand is behind me.

Just a few seconds after the previous photo. I am now behind the steering wheel, frantically trying to tie my tie, while Maharaji talks to Mahatma Saphlanand and Glen through the window - or rather, they are talking at him, while he is telling me to hurry up and get out of there.

February 1972, at Exeter Railway station, England. I had driven Maharaji from London down to Exeter, where I lived, and he stayed in my house (which I since gave to be an ashram). On the way down, the car developed a mechanical fault. We finished the journey and I took the car for repairs, but Maharaji had to return to London before it was ready - hence the train journey. I am seeing him off and saying good-bye, very sad.

Beginning 1986 - the first part-time instructor conference, at San Antonio, Texas. I am two-thirds of the way to the back, slightly left of center (as you view the photo), dark hair, mustache, big grin.

August 1986 - a European instructor conference at Selsdon Park Hotel, England. I am just in front of Maharaji, with a woman's hands on my shoulders (I think Agnes Renee, later Agnes Simmons, now deceased).

1990 - with Maharaji at the Calamigos instructor conference. From left to right (of those whose faces you can see) are: Diego, Rodi, myself, Ramesh, Maharaji, Marolyn, Sampurnanand.

1990 - with Maharaji at the Calamigos instructor conference. This was a group photo of all the non-instructor attendees. It would be tedious to list everyone's name, but immediately behind Maharaji is Monica Lewis (aka Monica Winslow), and I am on her left (immediately to the right of Maharaji as you look at the photo, leaning on Maharaji's bench). Between us and behind us is Sally Gallwey and behind her is Tim Gallwey of Inner Tennis fame. Just over my left shoulder (to the right as you look at the photo) is Linda Pascotto, currently President of The Prem Rawat Foundation. Top left back row is David Mankoff, and the third person to the right of him at the back is Bill Patterson, one of the original western mahatmas/initiators.


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