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My 30 years as a committed follower of Maharaji means that for those 30 years I was leading two lives, in a sense. One was my professional life, the careers and academic studies I did; and one was my life as a follower of Maharaji, as a premie. So here are two Resumes, or CV's, one I am calling the normal Resume and one the premie Resume - both correct, but each belonging to a different world!

My Normal Bio, Resume or CV
Ocotober 2009: Published memoir of my time as a member of a cult Without The Guru

Dec 2006: Awarded a Fellowship of the International Society For Philosophers for my paper A Metaphysics Of Distinction, Performance And Practice

Jan 1998 to now: Chief Software Developer of Avitage Inc (previously New Media Solutions Inc), Waltham, Massachusetts. Responsible for the conception, planning, creation, execution and deployment of all software products and projects, including Avitage, the company's flagship product.

July 1997 to Aug 2007: Non-executive Board member (Director) of Advanced Communication Technologies Inc (public stock symbol ADVC.OB).

July 1993 to Dec 1997: MediaForum (first in the UK, and now in the US). Director of Product Development. Responsible for developing and implementing MediaForum's software capabilities and strategy. Managing technical and complex software projects for high-end clients. Pre-sales demonstrations to clients of MediaForum's software stance and expertise.

1985 to 1993: Financial Software Engineer. Designed, wrote and implemented sophisticated real-time computer programs for trading Financial Instruments and Commodities on the Chicago and New York Futures exchanges. Traded extensively for private account.

1975 to 1985: Research Scientist and Mathematician at Sussex University, Sussex, England. Obtained D.Phil (Doctor of Philosophy) degree for original research into Einstein's Theory of General Relativity and its application to Neutron Stars (certificate actually received in 1988). Lectured at Queen Mary's College London on advanced mathematics.

1973 to 1975: Research and writing of scientific and epistemological book In the Light of Knowledge.

1970 to 1973: Exeter University, Devon, England; obtained B.Sc (First Class Honours) in Physics. Subjects covered in depth included: electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, optics and nuclear theory.

Sept 1968 to Aug 1969: Teaching English and Maths at The Hill School, Westerham, Kent to 8-13 year olds.

Jan to Aug 1968: D.Geddes Ltd, Produce Broker. Broking commodities in the financial center of London

Oct 1966 to Sept 1967: St John's College, Oxford University, reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and then Egyptology.

1965 to Oct 1966: Traveling in Europe and the Middle East (Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Israel). Worked in King Solomon's Copper mines at Timna, near Eilat, Israel. Also bus, coach and HGV driving.

1961 to 1965: Marlborough College, Wiltshire, England; 10 O-levels, Use Of English, 4 A-levels (English Literature, Physics, Maths and Higher Maths). School Boxing team.

1956 to 1961: Edgeborough Preparatory School, Surrey, England

1951 to 1956: Pre-schooling

1948: Born June 22.

My Premie Bio, Resume or CV - 30 Years With Maharaji                [top]
Ocotober 2009: Published memoir of my time in the cult Without The Guru

Jan 2001 - now: Active on online forum of ex-premies.

August 2001: Attended my last event with Maharaji at Nottingham, England. Final break with the cult.

Jan 2001: First posted publicly on ex-premie Forum.

1998 to 2000: Became increasingly disillusioned with Maharaji and his Knowledge, but held on to my faith in him in face of obvious inconsistencies and mounting discomfort with the whole setup.

1992 to 1998: Excluded from Maharaji personally, and had no major service. Last spoke to Maharaji personally backstage at Atlantic City event in 1998.

1986 to 1991: Traveled Britain as instructor, and went to many Rejoices (Knowledge review events Maharaji held all over the world), and instructor conferences. Spent considerable time with Maharaji personally in a number of situations.

1986: Attended the first part-time instructor conference in San Antonio, Texas; became part-time instructor (the first in the UK).

1981 to 1986: Lived married life, but constantly doing service. Gave two inheritances to Maharaji.

1975 to 1981: Lived in many ashrams (Exeter, Brighton, Manchester, Leicester, Leeds, Inverness, Luton, several in London, and probably others I have forgotten about); went to all the major festivals all over the world. Did many different types of service for Maharaji (including Festival organisation for several big festivals); gave satsang often, particularly in the Palace of Peace (satsang hall in South London in the 1970's). Was community coordinator of several premie communities, and attended many conferences with Maharaji.

1973 to 1975: Wrote book In the Light of Knowledge in the Luton ashram; started under Bal Bhagwan Ji's orders (Maharaji's eldest brother - Satpal) but when finished the family had split, and any project done under Satpal's instruction was trashed!

June to August 1972: Went to Guru Puja festival in Montrose, Colorado, the first big outdoor festival.

Early 1972: Yet again Maharaji's chauffeur on his third visit to England.

1971 to early 1972: Created one of the first ashrams, in Exeter. Bought the house with my own money, and in 1973 gave the house to Maharaji.

October 1971: Maharaji's chauffeur again on his return from USA to England.

June and July 1971: Maharaji's chauffeur on his first visit to England; used the University of Exeter green minibus.

July to October 1970: Visited Maharaji in India. Stayed with him and his family in Dehra Dun; traveled extensively with Bal Bhagwan Ji (Maharaji's elder brother, now called Satpal) in East India in preparation for 'Peace Bomb' satsang November 1970.

June 1970: Got Knowledge on June 1 from Mahatma Gurucharnanand in London.

Early 1970: First told about Maharaji from Ron Geaves, an old friend from Oxford, while I was in this monastery.

1969 to early 1970: Almost a year resident and attached to a Buddhist monastery - part of the Thai Buddhapadipa temple in Hindhead, Surrey, England. Studied under the Chao Khun.


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